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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Resurrection of King Richard

Blimey I haven't blogged/bored the pants off people in over 3 months! I have thought about it but just sat staring at a blank screen thinking I having nothing of worth that people want to know. Hell I think like that all of the time! Anyway, November was an age ago and soooo much has happened since then - some good and some bad. We're no longer living in the tiniest dwelling in the village as we've moved 300 m down the road to shack up in a converted cowshed. If I still had it I could park The Beast in our living room/kitchen which also happens to be bigger than Pippin Cottage was in its entirety! The dogs are happy monsters who now have their own garden to run amok in and a very long hallway to run up and down like a pair of crazed haggis. At last I have a study/craft room which still resembles a packing box dumping ground but I'll get there. The Fibromyalgia (if it is that) is still with me but now I have a Tens machine so I can electrocute the bugger whenever I see fit. The Rheumatologist has now referred me for more tests at a different hospital so on it goes. But.......yesterday I finally finished this...... backwards King Richard blanket :) which I can't even remember starting it was that long ago. A lot of pain has gone into this so I will treasure it. My dilemma now is which unfinished project do I tackle next? Due to the state of this poor bugger I think that decision is already made. Scruff (was Fluff) the childhood bear rears his (unattached) head!

Under all of that manky acrylic fur still lurks some of the original Deans/Merrythought mohair but it's probably bald as a coot by now. His head is no longer attached to his body and he has 1 eye and 1 ear. I hope I look better for 46 than he does. I have new cotter pin joints and a fat quarter of mohair somewhere in the spare room so I think it's time to lavish him with some TLC. After that I've promised Kimi I will knit him a Freddy Kreuger sweater

Enough said.