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Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Whiter Shade Of Hell

After several weeks of dog related stress and upset I've kick started my creative mojo into touch as I have 3 projects with urgent deadlines - 2 for July and 1 for August. I had a bit of an 'Eeek' moment last week when I actually realised how little time I had left to get all these things done. It's not very easy to get motivated by something you don't enjoy doing which is why I'm trying to finish crocheting the white (yuk) baby (bigger yuk) blanket first. I don't do babies or children so this will be my 1st and last project in the dreaded white for a horrible pink, pudgy pooing and screeching thing.

My other 2 secret projects should inspire me a bit more as they're a little more on the 'dark side'.

The bill from the Vet's from Timmy arrived - much joy. I'll give them their dues they did wait 10 days before sending it but that didn't soften the blow of £765.04 and no dog to show for it. I'm slowly coming to terms with his not being here but he's very much missed. I still have to collect his ashes but I'm putting that off a bit longer as it's all too final when you have that small wooden box in front of you.

I am guilty of surfing dog rehoming websites and forums - only looking you understand. 
This is where 'just looking' gets you.........

Do not be fooled by that innocent fuzzy face. This is Kimi and he's an endless bundle of whirring energy which is probably a good thing as he's keeping me fit with his 6 walks a day. We only went to have a look (honest) as his photo looked so much like Timmy is was spooky. He came home with us that day on trial and that was that - paws well and truly under the table. He's a stray, estimated age of 7-8 which I think is way out as he's more like 3 or 4. He will never fill the huge hole that Timmy left but he's good company for Izzy and he keeps me busy.

As Andy Murray has reached the Wimbledon men's final this afternoon I'm hoping to spend my afternoon crocheting like a woman possessed whilst grimacing at the TV. Just think of those french women in days gone by who would have ringside seats for the guillotine or public hangings and knit away furiously. That pretty much sums me up!