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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I've always believed that respect was 'earned', you don't just demand it because of who you are or the position you hold. My way of thinking though has got me dismissed from my job of 7 months which I must admit came as a bit of a shock. Don't get me wrong I had a huge amount of the R word for my immediate boss and my co-worker and considered myself to be pretty damn loyal to our small team. Oh it was all going so well until our major client demanded that we move into their new premises, then all of the arse licking senior managers started to crawl out of the woodwork to be seen to schmooze with all of the right people. Sadly they didn't see the existing staff as being the 'right people' so we've had weeks of unprofessional blustering and bullshit and threats of disciplinary action and accusations of corruption have been commonplace. The most senior of these 'managers' is one of those nasty, ball breaking women who doesn't care who she's stepped on to get where she is. Her manner and way of talking to and about people was lousy to say the least and I made the fatal mistake of standing up to the acid bitch. Between them, the 3 witches from Macbeth have managed to concoct a surprising amount of shite I'm supposed to have said and so get me shoved out of the door for not fitting in or was it my attitude or the fact there was no place for me in their restructuring of the office? Who knows and who cares. If you're going to lie about remarks I'm supposed to have made then at least make the effort to use words I would use you idiots otherwise it's not terribly convincing to those who know me. 

I'm trying to remain optimistic and I'm job hunting like a maniac. There has to be an employer out there who treats their staff well and who doesn't spend the entire working day doing internet shopping or looking on dating websites (I'm sure the wife would be happy to know that) or bragging about how they're paid a disgustingly large amount of money for doing nothing. Managers who do that don't deserve respect they deserve a smack around the back of the head with a baseball bat if you ask me.