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Saturday, 28 December 2013

It's All Over Bar the Shouting

Blimey. Was it worth all of that expense, rushing around and panic just for 1 day? This year I'd probably say yes. I managed to finish all of my secret squirrel knitting projects the weekend before Christmas with a huge sigh of relief

One Goth Doll finally completed (only took me over 6 months).....

...and one Harry Potter Rabbit - finished during a Harry Potter film - who'd have guessed.

Christmas day was spent at home and was bliss. There's a lot to be said for slobbing around and eating what you want when you want. I think more people should try it. Boxing Day was a more manic affair with a 3 hour drive to Hove, 3 hours on Lancing Beach and a 3 hour drive home but it was worth it to see my closest friend and her family and the weather was lovely.

I guess now we're all gearing ourselves up for the New Year. 2014 is mainly going to be a year of penny pinching and frugality (oh joy). My 2 major aims are to find a new job, preferably one that is more emotionally rewarding and where I don't have a mentally dysfunctional arsehole for a boss; and I need to lose weight and get fit. At my age I'm fed up of being the 'fat one' so it's all systems go. I start Thai Boxing lessons on Monday!

Right, which of my 30+ unfinished projects do I get cracking with next?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Fitting Tribute

10 days to go to 'C' day and I'm hoping all the build up to it won't leave me feeling a bit deflated. The tree went up last weekend which I must admit is a job I love. I can look at the decorations and remember where each one came from. There are rather a lot of dog ones I insisted on buying every year for generations of pooches; some of my Mum's ornaments from our family tree; lace and wooden fancies from my travels around Europe which make me smile and of course this year I have to add the Alpaca wool snowflake. I do love our tree. I did expect to find Kimi clinging to the branches as he appeared to wonder what the heck was going on but after a quick sniff he lost interest.

The festive crafting projects are in full swing and I'm surrounded by carrier bags of body parts - that is all I can say. No more getting covered in PVA - that is wrapped and under the tree and one of the dog stockings is now in Worthing with Timmy's girlfriend. Timmy and Izzy's stocking are up but sadly the stockings of dogs long gone had been attacked by moths so are looking a bit tatty. I have declared war on the minuscule flying munchers and I will win.

After a lot of umming and ahhing, good ideas and bad I trotted off to the Tattooist last Friday to have what I saw as a fitting tribute to Timmy inked on my skin. After nearly 3 hours, 1 bout of almost passing out (note to self - eat lunch next time), half a galaxy bar, a cup of water and a cup of tea I had this on my thigh.....

This is the photo it was done from - I hadn't had him and Izzy long and we'd just set off on our travels in the van. The expression was typical for him and usually preceded one of his 'conversations' with me.

I am forever grateful to Marek at Eternal Art in Rugby for his superb artwork. It's made me re-think what's possible for tattoo's no:10, 11, 12.........

On a slightly stranger note - Thursday was our final Women's Institute meeting of 2013 and also our Christmas supper. We're not a huge group - about a dozen members or so, so it was quite a blow to lose our Secretary who is moving away and also our treasurer. I was voted onto the committee! and then asked if I would take over the secretary role! Well how could I refuse though it did leave me wondering how many of the local branches have one who is young enough to be their offspring, has scarlet hair, numerous piercings and 9 tattoo's oh and insists on wearing odd stripey socks. Maybe this is what it needs to drag it into the 21st century so I shall do my best. I've also been asked to teach several of the ladies how to crochet. Blimey!

Anyway must get back to the knitting. Why do I leave things until the last minute and then get into a right old panic? Note to self for 2014 - be more organised.