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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gone To The Dogs

After a much needed break in Northumberland to watch the Great North Run you can strike up a fanfare. I've finally finished crocheting the baby pram blanket before the poor child reaches its 1st birthday

Sadly unless someone decides to raise a Goth Child and wants purple or black garments I'm never crocheting such an item ever again. Me, babies and white 4 ply wool do not a happy partnership make.
I've now started on a puppy blanket which I will probably finish in days given my mushy, broody disposition to pooches and their offspring.

It's a blue blanket (colour - hallelujah) for a black Lab puppy. I'd better get a shift on as I have no doubt he will grow at a rate of knots.
Alongside the blanket I'm also going to be knitting something from this stash of patterns......

I have a commission from my youngest client ever - she is 4, for 2 badgers in frocks......and I will be making a hell of a lot of chutney from these Fugly brutes....

I grew 3 different varieties of tomatoes this year and these Black Russians are the largest and thee most disappointing so into the pot they go. Hopefully the chutney will taste divine as I have enough of the bloomin things to make 4lb's of the stuff. Every recipe I've found contains onions and garlic which are 'banned' on my new FODMAP eating plan (yes, as a gluten and dairy free veggie I really need to exclude even more foods from my diet) but I'll eat it even if no one else does.

Although I hate the fact that fleas have a more hectic social life than me ( I live for my monthly WI meeting) it does mean I have loads of time to myself to be bored out of my tiny pink haired mind and therefore need to make stuff. Those 30+ UFO's should get finished in no time now that Autumn is on its way and the dark nights are rolling in.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

That Was The Week That Was

I feel like I haven't stopped all week. Every spare moment has found me with either a hook or needles in my hands and more often than not a glass of alcohol in the other.
I finally finished this commission last week just in time for it to make its way down to Brighton as a 21st birthday present

I promised myself some time off from making stuff. That lasted about an hour and I got bored with sitting doing nothing so I did a bit of the baby blanket and a bit of another project and then I got the hump at the proposed badger cull given the green light by those dumb ass Eton muppets in Whitehall so I started on this guy and I have literally just this minute finished him.

My boss seems to think that I'm going to run off and join the Anti-Fracking brigade or something New Age'ish so why disappoint. This little chap will travel everywhere with me and have his photo taken in some prominent places. I did have the bonkers idea to knit loads and stick them in the hedgerows around the surrounding villages. Never say never.

On the non crafting front I've helped fix my own car this week (girl power). Kimi went to the Vet's for the operation that makes blokes cringe (nuts off) and I helped out at the Church cream tea's afternoon in my own special Heathen way. I've even been asked to make a tea cosy for the church teapot - a gargantuan affair that it is. I shall add it to the list. For the remainder of this evening I am doing bugger all apart from lifting my wine glass. 

Brighton next Saturday (Big Yay) to replenish my soul, catch up with good friends, have a walk along the beach and to get my ears pierced (again) ouch, ouch, ouch. If I didn't make my monthly pilgrimage then this landlocked life would drive me insane.