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Sunday, 24 November 2013

It's That Most 'Wonderful' Time of the Year

Winter is well and truly creeping in. Walking out of the door almost requires arctic gear and the dogs are being made to wear their new coats to keep them warm and semi dry - this they don't appreciate one little bit. The smell of wood smoke permeates the air which is lovely on a cold, crisp day.
My creative mojo has been a bit on the sluggish side lately which is typical when I have a load of stuff to get done urgently !!!! So far though I've completed 1 dog Xmas stocking and the 2nd just needs sewing together...

I have 3 projects on the go that are Chrimble presents so can't say much or post pics but I'm up to my eyes in knitting and stuffing and PVA glue - enough said. I am apparently one of those annoying people who has written all of her cards and bought and wrapped 80% of her presents. I'm just trying to get into the mood so this Christmas isn't a letdown like the last 13 have been. We are going to Brighton on Boxing day to see my kindred spirit and her family and have a BBQ on the beach - splendid.

Yesterday I went to a local Alpaca Farm for a 'crafting afternoon' that I treated myself to off Groupon. We had 2 hours to crochet a snowflake from Alpaca yarn and when I saw the pattern I was filled with dread as I don't think my crocheting skills stretch beyond granny squares. But Hey Presto in an hour and a half I had a completed snowflake that I managed to do without much help from the tutors - lots of people there had never crocheted in their lives, and I'm pretty well chuffed with it. Of course now my mind is whirring as to how many of these I can bang out alongside my other stuff.

The yarn was beautiful to work with but a very 'ouchy' £18 for 100g. The highlight of my afternoon was meeting the Alpacas - they are just gorgeous


Never did a group of blokes look so adorable
The lady taking the class told us a bit about them and their fleece and that apparently you can buy them from the farm from £200 to £1000! Well that did it - my ridiculous 'Dear Santa' request this year (the sort you have no hope in hell of getting) is for a pair of Alpacas. I'm sure somebody in the village has chickens or sheep and lambs they'd like guarding and I could take them for walks around the village! And think of the wool I'd get and how calming and de-stressing they would be. I will be asking around when I meet up with the village crafting posse at our Festive meal. Other Half is smacking his forehead in desperation as he knows I'm serious and he imagines coming home to find an Alpaca in the garden. Life is never dull :)