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Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's Never The Right Fit

Envy is not the greatest feeling but faced with several years of austerity and penny pinching it creeps up on me every now and again. After weeks and weeks of hunting for a decent 2nd hand sofa - the ones we like are too big, too expensive or too damn popular - the arrival of our neighbours brand spanking new red Mercedes has made me a wee bit fed up with 'making do'. Don't get me wrong, I love my battered wonky Fiesta and she's paid for and mine but every now and again it must be nice to buy stuff you want because it fits your requirements perfectly.
Thankfully I have enough crafting stuff to keep me busy and wool is always affordable enough to keep me in projects up to my ears. I made a special trip into the town I escaped from (Nuneaton) just to buy some Stylecraft wool for a cardy I want to knit but true to form they didn't have any in stock! Thankfully they had this pattern in the window so it wasn't a wasted journey. The Ladies at craft class will love this.

I have a week off work to look forward to. Originally it was booked off for a holiday in Poland but thanks to the motorhome sale going tits up we're having to make do with a few days out and about. Thankfully one of those days is in Brighton visiting my wonderful 'sanity restoring' friend, her fab family and their new puppy who I just happen to be making a blanket for......

...hopefully he won't have outgrown it by the time we get there. As you can see, Kimi has his sights set on it but he'll have to wait for his own creation. His training and socialisation is going very slowly. I have bought a book on dog behaviour which I'm hoping he takes time to read. I look forward to the day when he doesn't try to rip the face off every dog we meet. At the moment he seems to have an identity crisis and thinks he's either a sparrow (they tease him relentlessly) or a squirrel ( he's been munching acorns). Normal just never seems to figure in daily life around here.