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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Just Like Starting Over

Herald the fanfare for after 3 months of being given the runaround by various companies and listening to more than my fair share of Employment Agency bullshit, I have at last got a proper job. No part time hours, no covering for others on a temporary basis - this one is mine and I hope it's for the foreseeable future until I'm too old to drag my wrinkly arse into work. I will be in my happy place working with business and household waste yet again as it goes through various recycling processes. 

Global company, nice people, benefits and opportunities - what more could I ask for. If this goes well I may cultivate dreadlocks and turn into a proper tree hugger.

We're off to Harrogate on Saturday for the worlds shortest honeymoon which should be fun. Having seen the prices for Betty's Tearoom's I can safely say we won't be going there for tea and cake so that's one Yorkshire icon we shall be giving a miss. Nearly £4 for a cuppa! Are you having a larf?!!!!!!!!!

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