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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Who's Counting?

Apparently if I 'cared' I would be able to tell you how many weeks/days/hours/seconds it is to the wedding. Errr it's just under 3 weeks I think, surely that's good enough. I struggle to remember the correct date let alone how long it is. When will the people who are touting it as the 2nd coming of christ get it into their heads that being married is the important bit and not all of the faff before hand. Now if you asked me how long until the new Star Wars film it's 5 weeks, 6 days, 7 hours and 20 mins and counting. Get your priorities right I say. 
Him indoors is off down south for a quiet stag night of 2. Me? I'll be having a hen night for 1 and 2 small dogs. I loathe the archetypal hen do crap and besides who the heck am I going to invite. The WI ladies who are all 80+?! 
I did actually bite the bullet and order a dress (fanfare). Sadly the image online didn't transfer too well and I looked bloody awful in it so back it went. I figured unless I wanted to spend the day stressed out and feeling like a trussed up pig in a barrel, dresses were off the menu. Therefore I will be carrying out my threat and wearing a Metallica t-shirt. It may be customised slightly if I have time but in my head it's all fine. Will I look back in years to come and regret my choice? No I won't. There may be a lot of things I'll regret but being me and being comfortable won't be one of them. 

From day 1 we've said this wouldn't be your run of the mill wedding. So no suits, white fluffy bridal dresses, preposterously expensive wedding present list, bridesmaids, photographers, poncey bloody cars, wedding albums, buttonholes, flowers, decorating the venue with lovey dovey shite or any of the other showy off kind of crap that certain smug marrieds feel they have to ram down your throat. Oh and there won't be sugared almonds on the tables either. Perish the thought!

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